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It’s 2100 on planet Earth, but it is now unrecognisable. The land is split into barren stretches of dry, arid areas and large swarms of waste polluted sites left by generations of humans that didn’t know how to correct their mistakes.

The Oceans are acidic, the air is toxic and there are few humans left due to mass death toll due to all factors contributing to famine and disease. Science is the sole reason for how humans are still alive, still surviving. 

The game follows a young woman named Luana, a determined, intelligent yet vulnerable leader. She protects and fights for a small clan of poor, yet kind children and adults. She must find a way to save all of them for it is her duty to her people. They must survive the toxic conditions as she leads them from their current location, England, to Utah, USA.

Utah closed off its borders many years prior due to it’s new found wealthy population funding efforts to ensure their survival. Their money has paid for huge advancements in space exploration and rumour has it that a huge Mothership has been built. But, tickets aboard are limited. 

Luana must journey across the land and sea, defend herself and her companions against panicked civilians, and fight to gain entrance to the ship. But, can she do it? If so, can she live with living those willing to sacrifice the poor for their own lives?

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Why Utah?
Logically speaking, at the moment one of the wealthiest states in America is California, one states east of Utah. 
California is already suffering from coastal erosion due to its soft shores. Add an acidic ocean into the mix and sea levels rising, California would be no more. The rich would retreat inland, not to Nevada which is directly east of California, but to Utah. 
Utah is the next state inland and is known for having some of the largest open lands out of all the states. It has vast amounts of agricultural land, as well as mountains, and arid landscapes.
At the moment, NASA carries out its space programmes in California, but, with California gone and planet evacuation being the most ideal solution, NASA would need to move their programmes to somewhere with open space. Especially if they need to construct huge spaceships. As space travel is looking that the only option, people would follow in suit. 
Also, according to the State Technology and Science Index, Utah is the 8th most scientific state in the USA. 
Therefore, a combination of money influx from a body of wealthy people migrating into Utah, combined with NASA’s space programme teaming up with scientists and acquiring some of the vast landscapes makes it an ideal survival option. 
The science would excel with the financial backing of it’s new local investors, meaning that precautions would be taken earlier for the conditions that would take over the Earth. Crops would be sheltered and enhanced enough to fill the local population, long enough to provide them with the time needed to perfect space travel.
A bonus is that Utah has impressive visuals for my concept art, and strong, large land forms that would still be present in 100 years.
I started by sketching out this design by hand on paper, then I went in and worked it up in layers in Photoshop. The ship though was created in Adobe Illustrator. The ship was partly influenced by Batman's utility belt.

2 Terra Mortem Mothership.png
Terra Mortem Wasteland.png
Terra Mortem Wasteland.png


It’s the year 2100 and the world is at it’s final breaking point. The world didn’t pick up it’s act when initial warnings of climate change and pollution were administered, 80 years prior. Nobody listened, and by the time they finally did a realise that their were concequences to their actions, a chain of events were already in motion.

By 2030 the amount of litter worldwide has tripled. Vast islands dominated the oceans, and landfills overflowed on land. Endagered species such as the Gray Whale, Hector’s Dolphins, Manatees and Cape Penguins went extinct due to the chaotic nature of the oceans.

By 2050 the increase in CO2 levels within the atmosphere causes staple crops to produce smaller amounts of nutrients. Millions of people became zinc and protein deficient. Areas of the world that already struggled with food demand, such as North Africa and India saw rates of starvation rocket. 

The increase in CO2 also lead to Oceans becoming more acidic due to the Ocean absorbing CO2, which reacted with salt water to create carbonic acid.

2060, the ever-present rise of sea levels has consumed sea level lands and islands. The acidic nature of the water had an increased rate of coastal erosion. Areas of the world which already suffered from coastal erosion such as California (USA) and the Norfolk Coast (UK) were eaten away by the ocean. The coastlines retreated inland by several miles, in some cases hundreds.

In the UK, due to lack of law restrictions before the 1990s, landfills contain anything from hazardous waste to plastic bags. Many were located along the coast, but due to coastal erosion, all of them fell into the sea, killing yet more marine life.

By 2070, all endangered land animals were gone. Those animals that were left in the wild are all endangered. Even livestock is starting to suffer. Human’s worldwide death toll increased. If people weren’t dying from starvation, then it was from disease due to lack of hygiene due to pollution.

2080 the humans that were left relied on agriculture. The crops that they ate were scientifically engineered to produce more and provide nutrients. Countries whose staple dishes were fish or meat struggled the most. Areas of America such as West Virginia,

Nebraska and Alabama, who had the most fast-food restaurants in all of America suffered hugely.

2090. By this point, less than 1,000,000 humans were left on the planet. Oceans were almost depleted, oxygen decreased significantly. Those alive were focussed on evacuation. They survived with the use of science.

The last animal passes away.

2100. The day of Terra Mortem.

The Oceans are dead. The currents have stopped. Vegetation has gone. Humans have almost died out. Leave and survive or stay and die.

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The Mother Ship needed to be large, unique and coincide with the design of the hovercraft. Therefore, I kept the same colour scheme and art style to link the two. 

The ship’s design was inspired by multiple objects and creatures. These were:

Batman’s utility belt.

Sea turtles

The Atlas (a ship from Voltron Netflix tv series)

The Ebony Falcon

My goal was to create something unique and with meaning behind it. It also needed to appear largescale as it would have to carry hundreds of thousands of people.

Only hundreds of thousands, not billions because a large amount of the population would have died out.

I created a nod towards the turtle inspiration with the pentagons on the back of the ship. The head and feet are also indications.

"A turtle is the oldest symbol of Mother Earth, longevity, and the art of grounding."



Here you can see the character design of the leading protagonist in my game concept; Luanna. The gas mask is to protect her from the toxic atmosphere that has become of Earth. I painted this using a graphics tablet in Adobe Photoshop.