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Xbox and Rare set the challenge to create a new game concept where the primary focus was to bring people together. My solution was to take a literal approach and create an open world, multiplayer navigation game. NAVUS is the combination of the word 'Navigation' and 'Us' to reflect the game's goal. Players will find themselves lost across an open world without any tools, including a map. The only things they have is a communication device which means they can talk to their teammates (real-life headset) and one balloon flare. They will use their environment to reunite with each other. They can find tools throughout the land and transport them to one another via portals. However, nature is the enemy and the map regenerates each game so they can't rely on memory. I used concept art to show this in a video.

Navus Menu

Client Feedback from Rare and Xbox

“In a society where social interactions can be increasingly shallow, it’s a game that celebrates the interest, anticipation and joy of meeting someone for the first time, where the reward may be a lasting friendship beyond the Game.”

Night Sky
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